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Akdong Musician Talk About Being Home-schooled in Mongolia

On "Healing Camp", the siblings talked about their life in Mangolia, where they spent most of their lives being homeschooled.

Jul 9, 2014 06:58 PM BST
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akdong musician

Much-loved sibling group Akdong Musician recently got together with their idol IU as the stars make a guest appearance on this week's edition of "Healing Camp".

On the show, the siblings talked about their life in Mangolia, where they spent most of their lives being homeschooled. The siblings revealed that their parents, both serving as missionaries at the time, asked if they wanted to do it. Excited with the thought that homeschool would entail a lot of time to study and play instead of doing actual school work, the brother and sister tandem agreed.

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However, it turned out that homeschooling wasn't as they expected it would be. Their studying schedules were plotted very carefully, so much so that it wasn't that different than going to a real school. Soo Hyun revealed that if she had known earlier, she would've picked going to a real school instead. But, she overheard her parents discussing that this (going to school) would be difficult in terms of financial concerns, so she didn't tell them.

The two siblings then acted like they enjoyed homeschooling, instead of admitting that wanted to attend a real school.

Chan Hyuk shared, "We were in financial trouble to the point that we mixed rice with soy sauce and ate it like that." The siblings later revealed that they actually enjoyed eating such meal, saying it was very delicious and that they're actually craving for it.

The siblings also talked about the downside to homeschool and that is they never made new friends. The situation was lonely for them. Chan Hyuk shared, "I still have never worn a uniform." Soohyun, to her delight said that she was able to pull off a school uniform in one of Akdong Musician's music videos.

Tagㆍakdong musician

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