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KBS Blocks JYJ's, HyunA's, and Yenny's Tracks From Broadcast

JYJ's, HyunA's and Yenny's (HA:TFELT) new songs have been deemed unfit for broadcast.

Aug 6, 2014 05:58 PM BST
(Photo : SBS MTV)

TV network KBS has plugged on the red light for JYJ's, HyunA's and Yenny's (HA:TFELT) new songs,  saying they've been deemed unfit for broadcast.

According to KBS' statement on August 6, 14 songs failed to pass the broadcast network's rules and regulations in terms of content. Among those who didn't qualify for broadcast were JYJ's "Back Seat", HyunA's "Blacklist" and "French Kiss", and HA:TFELT's "Bond".

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According to KBS, the songs were deemed unfit for broadcast because they contain sexually suggestive material, particularly "Back Seat" which has a line that says, "Put you on my back seat", and HyunA's "French Kiss" in which the singer says "do it". "Blacklist" and "Bond" on other other hand were banned due to containing curse words and inappropriate language.

KBS also banned Unchained's "Paris" and "Talebearing" as well as Rose Garden's "You're Not My Style". According to KBS, the lyrics to these songs are harmful and could cause negative influence on the mental development of juveniles.


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