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EXO Suho's Heartwarming Message Touches g.o.d Son Ho Young!

Suho sent a heartwarming message to the g.o.d. member that he appreciated g. o. d's Son Ho Young posts EXO Suho's text message on his Twitter account.

Aug 22, 2014 09:58 PM BST
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Son Ho Young and Suno
(Photo : Twitter)

g.o.d's Son Ho Young posts EXO Suho's text message on his Twitter account.

The g.o.d member posted then a message on August 22, stating, “This is a personal text message, but I’m posting this because I just feel so grateful and happy~ I’m definitely going to have to tune in today^^ Everyone is going to watch the music video that Suho worked hard to film, right?~” Together with this post, Son Ho Young uploaded a screen shot of the message.

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The message of Suho went as, “Hello, Son Ho Young sunbae-nim~ This is EXO’s leader Suho.^^ We filmed for ‘EXO 90:2014’ today and I was just reminded during filming that the broadcast date for the episode we did with g.o.d sunbae-nim (senior) is tomorrow. So I thought of you (sunbae-nim) and wanted to let you know, and took the liberty of asking the PD for your phone number to contact you. That day of filming will really be a lasting memory for me! Thank you very much. If you have the time, please watch the broadcast tomorrow!^^”

“EXO 90:2014” featuring g.o.d is scheduled to broadcast on August 22 at 10 PM (Korean Time)

TagㆍG.O.DSon Ho YoungEXOSuho

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