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After School’s NaNa Agreed for a Movie Date with Jo Se Ho!

COULD IT BE THAT NANA ALSO LIKE THE COMEDIAN NOW?! On the recent episode of SBS' "Roommate," the housemates gathered in Chanyeol and Seung Woo's room.

Aug 31, 2014 11:49 PM BST
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On the recent episode of SBS' "Roommate," the housemates gathered in Chanyeol and Seung Woo's room. They were just hanging out and talking a bit when Jo Se Ho suddenly asked Nana, who's sitting beside him, "Do you want to go on a movie date?"

Surprisingly enough, NaNa answered in affirmative, she said "Ok. Let's do that. It has been a while since I last saw a movie." With the exchange of the two, Song Ga Yeon is visibly in awe.

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The scenario is not anything new though, as Jo Se Ho has always expressed his interest in the idol singer.
Since they entered the house, he has been vocal about finding NaNa pretty and even directly saying that he like her.

They have also created the loveliness since they always go together when there are missions to complete. Further, most of the time, they also happened to be on the same team when they set out to go somewhere.

Apparently, the ‘movie date' was also filmed as part of "Roommate" and the said scene is going to be broadcasted next week.

A trailer for the upcoming episode of "Roommate" shows Nana and Jo Se Ho getting interrupted in the movie theater by the other roommates. A preview of the date was shown and it turned out that it was a group date after all as the rest of the housemates also watched with them!

TagㆍAfter SchoolNanaOrange CaramelSBS Roommate

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