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Shinhwa Member Eric Gives Idols Groups an Advice About Breaking Up

With all the news of idol groups breaking up or a member leaving, Eric of Shinhwa expresses his thoughts

Oct 17, 2014 10:46 PM BST
(Photo : Shinhwa)

Shinhwa member, Eric gives an advice to idol groups, being that the news about breaking up or a member leaving the group is quite rampant. 

In an interview with media at a cafe in Seoul on October 16, Eric talked about the ups and downs of being a part in an idol group. He elaborated how Shinhwa lasted for 17 years. When asked if one of them wanted to leave the group during their early years, he answered, "We also fought and hated one another."

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He then explained, not mentioning any idol groups, "The reason Shinhwa lasted a long time is not because of any special method, nor were we any different. The problem is do you remain stubborn or do you endure it."

He then gave a trivia to the idol groups, "It's not that we gave way or were patient because we were better people. We also had our storm and gale days, and luckily got through it okay. However, it is important to think about it one more time at the decisive moment. Everyone goes through it."

Eric then gave his gratitude, "Honestly, I'm not in a position to give anyone advice. I am thankful for the managers who work with us."

What do you think of Eric's advice to this generation's idol groups?


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