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MBLAQ's Lee Joon Decides to Go Low on Guestings in Variety Shows

The singer and actor, Lee Joon decided to guest lesser on variety shows, though he has been frequent on the said programs

Oct 16, 2013 09:12 AM BST
Lee Joon

MBLAQ's Lee Joon stated that he is going to appear on variety shows a little bit lesser.

The "Rough Play" actor said, "Until now I appeared on variety shows a lot more than others, but now I think I need to stop doing it so much." He continued, "It's not something people should feel disappointed or hurt by, though. Truthfully, I just don't have anything to say anymore. I've told all the stories that I have, and now I don't know what kind of fun things to talk about anymore."

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When he was asked if there were any stories on the set during the filming, he answered, "It's a matter of course that there will be difficulties while filming a movie.  The fact that I'm shooting a movie at all is an episode for me, and that I'm doing my best with a beginner's mindset is really all there is to it."

When it comes to the movie he stated further, "When I filmed a movie previously, I got good reviews, but the reviews lost a lot of meaning because many people didn't remember my acting, and honestly, that was a little upsetting. With this new movie, I want to bring back the reviews for my acting."

Lee Joon's movie "Rough Play" will be out on cinemas on October 24, wherein he plays his first main role as Oh Young, showing a change in his choice of roles.

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