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Lovelyz' Seo Ji Soo to Abstain From Group's Debut, Authorities Ask for Seize and Search Warrant Regarding her Case

Lovelyz member Seo Ji Soo will not be joining her group's debut due to the rumours that have been spreading about her uploading people's naked photos online

Nov 12, 2014 07:40 PM GMT
TAGㆍWoollim EntertainmentLovelyzSeo Ji Soo
Seo Ji Soo
(Photo : Woolim Entertainment)

Lovelyz will be debuting with seven members, instead of eight.

Woollim Entertainment, announced that member Seo Ji Soo will not be joining the group's debut due to a psychological trauma and will be temporarily taking a break. It was just recent when rumours have circulated that Seo Ji Soo have spread naked photos of people online.

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On November 12, Woollim Entertainment announced, "Seo Ji Soo will take a temporary break from all activities ahead of Lovelyz’ showcase. It has been decided that Seo Ji Soo’s psychological condition is too unstable for her to carry out promotions normally due to the series of malicious rumors. It has become an urgent priority for her to regain mental stability with hospital care. Seo Ji Soo will join the group once again after finding psychological stability as well as catching the rumor distributors through police investigation."

Meanwhile, the Seoul Mapo Police is getting a request of seize and search warrant for Seo Ji Soo's online case. The cyber crime division said, "In order to obtain the accounts of netizens who are spreading the rumors, we have requested a search and seize warrant."

After obtaining the warrant, the authorities will be able to track the IP addresses of the said netizens who have been spreading rumours about Seo Ji Soo, even attacking her sexual orientation. The said netizens will be summoned by the police due to cyber bullying.

Lovelyz' debut showcase continued originally as planned on November 12 at Olympic Park’s K-ART Hall.

TagㆍWoollim EntertainmentLovelyzSeo Ji Soo

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