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SHInee World Mistakenly Banned From "Show! Music World" Because of A Certain EXO-L

Rumor has it that SHINee World is being banned from attending the said music program because of the ill-behavior of a certain EXO-L.

Apr 6, 2015 05:16 AM BST

There seems to be trouble between SHINee and EXO fans and "Show! Music Core". Rumor has it that SHINee World is being banned from attending the said music program because of the ill-behavior of a certain EXO-L.

On Twitter, SHINee World has started trending the hashtag #JusticeForShawols as they ask "Show! Music Core" and SM Entertainment reps to fix the issue about the fandom's unfair prohibition from joining future "Show! Music Core" activities.

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According to fans of SHINee, a certain fan of EXO was taking photos during "Show! Music Core", and it is a very well-established rule that picture taking is forbidden in many music programs. When said EXO-L was confronted by the staff of "Show! Music Core", he/she claimed to be a fan of SHINee's Minho who is one of the show's current MCs.

Because of this, the staff of "Show! Music Core" agreed to ban SHINee World from the show due to their alleged disrespect of rules and regulations. What this means is that SHINee World will no longer have their designated area which was guaranteed to them every time they watch the program live. What will happen now is that SHINee fans who attend the show will have to make do with whatever space is left to them after all the fandoms with designated areas have been properly situated.

To support their claims, SHINee World tweeted a photo to prove that it was indeed an EXO-L who was taking pictures, and not a Shawol. The photos show the members of EXO with SHINee's Minho. SHINee World claims that the watermark on the picture is not from a SHINee fansite. The watermarks seen on  the photos indicate the following:

"Mon Ami Chen" - a Chen fansite

"Candy Crush" - a Baekhyun fansite

"Buttercup" - a Xiumin fansite

"Kindly" - a Suho fansite.  

Shawols took to SN to express their frustrations at having been wrongly banned from the show.

However, the EXO-L, who has been identified as an admin for "Dreaming Boy", a Kai fansite, has stepped out to apologize for the mistake. In a tweet she explained that she entered the fan seats by using her sister's SHINee World 1st Generation Fan Club and took photos during the program. The tweet also revealed that she informed the staff that she was an fan of EXO's Kai and was running the website "Dreaming Boy", so there must have indeed been a mix-up.

Said fan also promised to help SHINee World regained their designated position, "If this problem persists, I will take responsibility and apologize to the staff, bodyguards, and the fans that were there on site. I will also talk to the staff and try my best to make sure that the designated areas for SHINee World are not removed. I'm really sorry that I caused trouble to both fandoms because of my selfish desire to take photos of Kai during the group's comeback stage, and so I ended up acting without manners... I bow my head once again to apologize."


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