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Jun Ji Hyun's Neighbors Complain About Actress' New House Modifications

Jun Ji Hyun's planned parking space is expected to cause traffic if constructed. It seems that Jun Ji Hyun is not in good terms with his neighbors right now.

Apr 11, 2015 07:58 AM BST
TAGㆍJun Ji Hyun
Jun Ji Hyun

It seems that Jun Ji Hyun is not in good terms with his neighbors right now. On April 8, reports revealed that the actress' neighbors are complaining about the modifications Jun Ji Hyun made to her villa which is now causing an inconvenience to other members of the village.

According to one report, Jun Ji Hyun bought her Samseong property back in June 25, 2015. Jun Ji Hyun is allegedly making modifications to the said house, which cost her around 7 billion won. The actress demolished the house she bought and is rebuildng it from the ground up. What the neighbors are now complaining about is the awkward positioning of Jun Ji Hyun's parking lot which has been burdening her neighbors for almost a year now.

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A representative of the village said, "The villa is lined up along a narrow road. Jun Ji Hyun's property is located along the c-line. If she builds her parking lot [the way she planned], it will then face the D-line building's entrance. Such will cause traffic in the community."

As of now, Jun Ji Hyun's villa is still under construction so she is currently not living there. This is just one of Jun Ji Hyun's properties, all of which amounts to 30 billion Won in total. Jun Ji Hyun is known to be residing in another house she owns elsewhere.

Jun Ji Hyun's representatives have not yet responded to the matter, and the neighborhood did not reveal if they are going to file an action against the actress.

TagㆍJun Ji Hyun

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