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Seulong Says He Will Enlist In The Military At The Appropriate Time

Having just switched agencies, Seulong says he is not planning anything long-term, but he's certainly contemplating on his military enlistment.

Apr 14, 2015 12:19 PM BST

2AM's Seulong recently dished out his plans for military enlistment in an interview with

Although Seulong isn't yet seeking to enlist within this year, the 29 year old singer-actor revealed that he still looking for the right time to enlist. "Other celebrities who are the same age as me have not enlisted in the military yet and are probably thinking the same thing [as me]," Seulong shared.

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The 2AM further clarified, "It's not that I'm not willing to go. I'm just contemplating on whether it is already the right time to do so. When such a time comes, I will enlist and then get discharged quietly."

Seulong's 2AM co-member Changmin already served in the military before he made his debut with the ballad group. This move might be considered as more practical for some artists since it would no longer hinder or disrupt their future activities. Seulong revealed that this is one thing about Changmin that he's truly jealous of. "The other members probably feel the same way, too," Seulong said.

Seulong just recently transferred to a new agency, Sidus HQ, after his contract with JYP Entertainment naturally expired. He transferred to Sidus HQ to pursue acting. Seulong shared, "Since I've just transferred agencies, I have a lot of things planned out. I'm not making any long-term plans, but military enlistment is certainly in my list. I will enter when the time is right, so I'm hoping fans don't worry so much."

In the meantime, Seulong stars in the tvN drama series "Hogu's Love".


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