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Trouble Maker Shows 'Chemistry' with the Release of a Sultry and Steamy Photo Teasers!

Cube Entertainment's duo shows off their mature photos for their upcoming album, "Chemistry"

Oct 27, 2013 01:50 PM GMT
TAGㆍHyunAHyunseungTrouble Maker

The Trouble Maker duo, Hyuna and Hyunseung have been making fans overly eager for their comeback. In their official website, the two have been too steamy in their 6 photo teasers which have been uploaded since 4PM Korean time on October 27.

Trouble Maker had been hinting fans of a comeback ever since the last week of September with a picture of Hyuna and Hyunseung practicing in the dance studio of Cube Entertainment. However, it was just recently when their agency has released the teasers for the track, "There is No Tomorrow," suggesting a very mature clip for the duo.

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In the photos uploaded, it shows how the two have leveled up from the sexy duo in their first track, "Trouble Maker," to the new album, "Chemistry," being a sultry and a passionate couple. In one set of the photos, the two are in the car, showing their passion for each other, redefining the term, R19 into a whole new level, since the photos suggest the two of being stronger and bolder.

Here are the photos uploaded from their website:

TagㆍHyunAHyunseungTrouble Maker

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