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F.T. Island's Jaejing Denies Rumors That He's Making Moves on Red Velvet Members

"I've never even said 'hello' to them!" The members of F. T. Island were surprised with a recent rumor involving a particular member.

May 6, 2015 04:33 PM BST
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The members of F.T. Island were surprised with a recent rumor involving a particular member. On the May 5 broadcast of MTV's "Coming Out! F.T. Island", member Jaejin denied the rumors about him making a move on the members of rookie girl group Red Velvet. According to Jaejin, he's never even said "hi!" to the group.

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The rumors came out after the members of F.T. Island stirred an issue on last week's "Weekly Idol" where they revealed that they are interested in some of the members of Red Velvet. As they were talking about their ideal types Seunghyun mentioned Red Velvet's Irene and Joy while Jaejin mentioned Yeri. Jonghun also revealed on the show that his ideal type is EXID's Hani, and it was also somehow assumed that Hongki also prefers Hani.

Ever since that "Weekly Idol" episode aired, Red Velvet fans stalked Jaejin's Instagram and expressed their comments on Jaejin's statement about the girl group.

In response to rumors about his alleged attempt to make a move on the Red Velvet girls, Jaejing explained that he's never even gotten close to the group, much less greet them "hello".

To elaborate on Jaejin's zero chances of ever making any advances, F.T. Island's Jonghun added, "An important thing [to remember] is that Red Velvet members don't have cellphones yet." When the other members got curious as to how he acquired such information, Jonghun explained, "I have friends at SM Entertainment."

What do you guys think about this issue? Were fans just overreacting?

Tagㆍf.t.islandRed Velvet

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