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Hong Jong Hyun Initially Thought He Wasn't The Right Fit for "We Got Married"

"I'm not a talkatvie person, and that's not fun [to watch]," Hong Jong Hyun said when offered a spot in "We Got Married".

May 10, 2015 04:45 PM BST
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In recent interview with Newsen, actor Hong Jong Hyun talked about how he responds to other people's views about him and how he once rejected appearing in "We Got Married".

As a celebrity, Hong Jong Hyun receives his fair share of comments on a daily basis. What he's wearing, who he's hanging out with, and what he says on TV is always under scrutiny, and there's no escaping. When asked how he reacts to the public's opinion of him, Hong Jong Hyun is resigned in the fact regardless of what other people say, he still knows himself best.

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"I'm not one to get stressed out, but I do feel my self-confidence shrink. But nevertheless, I know myself [better than anyone else]. There are times when I think, 'I'm not good at this.' But still I'll do it. When I put my heart into it, I'll give my best to it. I had the same [mindset] in We Got Married. I thought I should just show my true self," Hong Jong Hyun said.

Hong Jong Hyun also revealed that he once rejected participating in "We Got Married", thinking that the program doesn't suit him. But thanks to the staff of the show, Hong Jong Hyun was convinced that the seemingly awkward getting-close-and-pretending-to-be-married-to-a-female-celebrity is just all part of the process, and thus he decided to appear.

"Even if I wanted it or even if I had received an offer, I still think it's something I wouldn't immediately dive into. It's a program that a lot of people watch. I told [the staff], 'I'm a fun person and I like to play jokes on people I'm close to, but I'm not very talking and I don't have a bright personality. I don't think I'm the right fit for which expects me to be in a refreshing man-woman relationship. I tend to be shy around people, and that's not fun. People won't like me.' After that, the staff told me 'Can we only really have bright couples?' I pondered on what the staff said and later decided to appear," the actor narrated.

Hong Jong Hyun said being on "We Got Married" allowed him to show his truest self, saying, "Although I could have forcefully showed a different image, I didn't... I stayed loyal to my true feelings every day."

TagㆍHong Jong Hyun

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