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Girls's Generation Sends Their Love to 2NE1

At the press conference for KBS Open Concert's 1,000th stage, Girls Generation revealed a specific hoobae they admire best and gave that group a shout out.

Oct 30, 2013 06:51 AM GMT
TAGㆍGirls Generation2NE1

Girls's Generation recently appeared at the special 1000th stage of KBS' "Open Concert" and participated in the accompanying press conference, which was held on October 29.

Members Seohyun and Tiffany expressed their gratitude to "Open Concert" for allowing them to participate in their special event. "Thank you very much for letting Girls' Generation stand on stage with the sunbaes and hoobaes that we admire. Like 'Open Concert', which had its 100th stage, Girls' Generation hopes to become singers who can receive love for a long, long time."

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The event host proceeded with his question, "Who are the hoobae singers that are here?" To this, Girls Generation responded, "2NE1."

The girls were then asked to send a message to 2NE1. Seohyun said, "We watch 2NE1's performances and learn a lot. We even dance with them in the waiting room. We thank you for always showing us a good performance. Even in the future, we hope you will be with us for a long, long time."

The KBS "Open Concert" is a weekly concert that features all facets of Korean music-from K-pop to jazz and the classics. It is attended by various musicians specializing in different genres.

TagㆍGirls Generation2NE1

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