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ELSIE Gets Emotional In Interview About Hate Comments and Crying on "4 Things Show"

"When it comes to receiving hate comments or sadness, I don't cry that much. But when I'm happy, that's when the tears flow."

May 15, 2015 04:07 PM BST

ELSIE, better known as T-ara's Eunjung, had an interview with OSEN in which she bared her emotions and opened up about receiving hate comments online and her latest crying-on-broadcast incident in "4 Things Show".

The "I'm Good" singer said that she has limits when it comes to reading hate comments online. While some stars would just shrug the negativity off and not even bother to read them, ELSIE says when she feels like she can handle it she'll read them. But when the going gets tough and she feels vulnerable, she'll try her best to avoid them.

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Of all the comments she's received, ELSIE said that one that hit her the most was a comment that read, "You're like a weed." Being called a weed has a negative connotation since weed is described as an undesirable, ugly plant that grows where it shouldn't. However, instead of feeling hurt, ELSIE accepted it. "I nodded in agreement. I know it's not a beautiful plant, but I think it's true. My troubles keep coming out and growing often. Nevertheless, I'm happy I'm still invited to appear on various shows. Even if [some people see me as a "weed"], I want to be wherever I'm called to.

OSEN then asked about ELSIE's appearance on the "4 Things Shows" in which she was shown crying while talking about the hate she and the rest of T-ara received after the bullying incident with former member Hwayoung. "Looking back, I'm wondering why I cried then, and I think it would've been better if it wasn't included in the broadcast. I was comfortable while filming it and I was able to talk to freely and I cried without realizing it. The things I have said may have caused a misunderstanding because of my tears. Had I known it would come out like that, I would've been more careful," ELSIE said.

As to why she welled up, ELSIE said it was for no particular reason, "The filming was so fun that it made me happy to the point of crying. I was with the writer and director unnies. I told them, 'I'm so happy I was able to film very comfortably. Thank you so much for allowing to film without worrying so much about receiving negative comments.' When I said that, they started crying and so I did, too."

When the interview commented that ELSIE cries easily, the singer confessed, "When it comes to receiving hate comments or sadness, I don't cry that much. But when I'm happy, that's when the tears flow."


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