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AOA's ChoA Proves Herself To Be a Hardworker As She Talks About Her Employment Prior to Being An Idol

Even when she wasn't an idol yet, ChoA was already pretty successful career-wise. AOA's ChoA guest starred on the May 20th broadcast of "Radio Star".

May 21, 2015 03:04 PM BST

AOA's ChoA guest starred on the May 20th broadcast of "Radio Star". On the show, ChoA took a trip down memory lane and talked about her previous employment successes back when she wasn't a huge idol yet.

On the show's special segment titled "Fresh, Sour, Tart Human Vitammin", ChoA revealed that before she became an idol she juggled three different jobs namely a part-time work at an electronics company, central district team, and a top salesperson. These three poses three different challenges in different fields so it was quite a feat for ChoA to have successful managed all three.

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Since she previous worked as a salesperson, ChoA was asked for some practical tips on handling a job customer service. "People who are good in marketing and sales are those that have nice personality and a good sense of humor. However, I wasn't that kind of person. Nevertheless, I'm still thankful that I got people to apply for our services and were patient enough to answer all of our questions," ChoA said about her struggles in customer services.

Her jobs may seem demanding, but her pay was the bomb. "Although it's against our labor laws, I worked 12 hours a day because that was the demand of the business I was in and I chose that field. There were times when I took home $5,000 a month!" Indeed, hardwork paid off for ChoA!

ChoA could be a good role model to all young adults who are still struggling to sustain themselves financially. "I've been working since I was 20, and even after I've spent on the things I need I would still have around $20,000 left," not only is ChoA hardworking but she also knows how to budget and save as well.


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