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Dasom Plans Out Her Future Life As A Daughter In Law

Taking cues from her upcoming series "The Virtual Bride", Dasom reveals what she would like to be as a daughter in law.

Aug 14, 2015 11:20 AM BST
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SISTAR's Dasom shared her thoughts on marriage and what she likes her married life to be like.

During the press conference for her upcoming drama series "The Virtual Bride" which was held in Gyeonggi Province's Yeoju, reporters asked the singer-actress what kind of daughter-in-law she would like to be. Dasom answered that anything related to marriage, much less being a daughter-in-law, is a topic that's very alien to her. "However, I think I would like to settle down when I reach 30 or 35 years old," Dasom shared.

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In "The Virtual Bride", Dasom plays a washed out idol who joins a reality show to regain her popularity. The reality show teams up fake daughters-in-law and fake mothers-in-law. As it turns out, Dasom and her pretend mother-in-law end up hating each other on the show but eventually become real-life in laws.

In relation to the series' plot, Dasom shared the she thought about how it would be nice to be a daughter-in-law in a traditional family living in a traditional Korean house. "At first, I wanted to live in an apart with a view of the river. But as were filming, I looked around the jonggajip [traditional Korean home], and I liked that there were frogs jumping everywhere, and that there were cicadas whispering. I also liked the smell of grass. It was beautiful. I thought to myself, living in a traditional home situated in a very natural environment and washing [clay] pots wouldn't be so bad. Instead of being a burden to my mother-in-law, I want to earn her love. I also want to go shopping with her on the weekends. I gave [life as a daughter-in-law] much thought. I want to treat my mother-in-law like a second mother to me," Dasom explained.

Will Dasom survive her troublesome relation with her pretend mother-in-law in "The Virtual Bride"? The series premiers this August 17.


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