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Korea's Daily Sports List of the Top 10 Movers of K-pop (Part II)

Want to know who closes the final list of K-pop influence makers? We're not yet done! Here's the final 5 influential figures to Korean pop culture.

Nov 6, 2013 05:38 AM GMT
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We're not yet done! Here's the final 5 influential figures to Korean pop culture.

6. CJ E&M (40 votes)

CJ E&M holds great influence in the world of K-pop due to its involvement in content creation, and being the host company to two popular Korean channels namely "Mnet" and "tvN" whose viewers reach abroad. Teir launch of popular audition programs such as "Superstar K" also made them influential to K-pop fans and would be idols.

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7. Cho Yong Pil (28 votes)

Cho Yong Pil is in this list simply because he is as timeless as he is legendary. This year, his 19th full-length album still earned a lot of sold copies. He continues to perform in concerts and appears in tours to spread the growth of K-pop through the years.

8. PSY (25 votes)

It's no question that PSY bought the world's attention to Korean pop culture. With the release of hits such as "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman", more people came to know more of K-pop music and grew interested in it.

9. Superstar K (22 votes)

"Superstar K" has established itself as a legitimate birthing and training ground for new K-pop artists. The show, which is now on its fifth season, started the trend of audition programs in Korea. "Superstar K" launched the career of some of the popular artists in the K-pop scene these days such as John Park, Heo Gak, Busker Busker, Ulala Session, and more.

10. Youtube (20 votes)

American company YouTube plays a prominent role in boosting K-pop's influence in on a world scale. They video hosting website allows viewers to see new music videos and even stream music programs live. This year, they recently launched the official Youtube K-pop page to provide more comprehensive search results for K-pop and open live streaming for more K-pop programs.

The complete article can be here. Credits to Daily Sports for the original article.

TagㆍCJ E&MPSYCho Yong PilYouTubeSuperstar K

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