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Eunhyuk's Twitter Attacked Again By Potentially The Same Hacker

Looks like this hacker isn't stopping at devastating Eunhyuk's Twitter and demoralizing Superstar K4 Hwang Seol Lin's name.

Nov 13, 2013 06:33 AM GMT
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Two days ago, Super Junior's member Eunhyuk got attacked by an anonymous hacker who posted on Twitter allegedly nude photos of Superstar K4's Hwang Seol Lin. However, seems like that hacker is showing no signs of stopping as he takes to Eunhyuk's Twitter again to blast a different wave photos of the same Superstar K4 personality.

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Two news tweets were uploaded and featured a picture collage of Superstar K4 contestant Hwang Seol Lin. Seeing that the pattern was similar to November 11's incident, netizens thought it was only natural that it could be the doings of the same hacker.

The first tweet read, "Proof that this was Hwang Seol Lin during the live finals. The top picture and the fourth bare-faced selca are a perfect match. Her hairstyle matches as well, right? In the second photo, her hair is short. Her hair is also short in the fifth selca. She used a hair straightener to curl her bangs inwards, but in the nude photos her hair wasn't styled.

The second tweet said, "She attached fur to her hood, but it is detachable so she took it off for the live broadcast. The sixth photo is taken from her Facebook profile picture. She uses so much 'Photowonder' that her face looks different in every photo. The hood in the sixth selca and the fourth bare-faced selca match the one in the broadcast photo. She removed the spot in her face with 'Photowonder'."

The tweets, together with the photos, have since then been removed an hour after they were posted, leaving netizens a chance to screen cap and discuss the matter online.

Following the November 11 hacking incident Eunhyuk already expressed his annoyance over the hackers. Today, he posted, "I will not bring up your real name anymore. I feel sorry for the woman who has become the victim. I don't know if it is because I don't manage this properly or what, but I am currently discussing with my company to quickly resolve this. Twitter is a useful tool which I use to communicate so I have no intentions of getting rid of it [because of this string of hacking anomalies]. Anyway, I apologize."

It has been reported that SM Entertainment has already raised the matter to the Twitter management.

TagㆍEunhyukHwang Seol LinSuperstar K4Super Junior

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