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EXO To Promote Repackaged Album "Love Me Right" As 9-Member Group

Tao is visibly missing from the teaser photo for "Love Me Right".

May 28, 2015 03:36 PM BST

Following the massive success of the track “Call Me Baby” and their album “EXODUS”, the boys of EXO will return with their special repackaged album “Love Me Right”.

To tease fans, SM Entertainment has unveiled a group photo of the boys wearing dirtied football (gridiron) uniforms and serious expressions. However, to fans disappointment, only 9 members are present in the photo, with Tao noticeably missing from the ensemble.

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“Love Me Right” is slated for release this June 3. It will contain all the songs from “EXODUS” and with 4 additional new tracks. With this release date, EXO will be facing their toughest opponent yet, BIGBANG, who are also preparing to release double title tracks (“Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party”) as part of their “MADE Series” project.

Although no update has been announced regarding Tao’s status pending negotiations with SM Entertainment over his contract, the singer is currently in the United States to receive treatment for his ankle injury. While recuperating, Tao will also attend to his academics. He has taken to social media to update fans about his whereabouts and current condition.

EXO fans continue to be at ease since it still remains unclear whether Tao will continue to promote with the group or if he’s leaving the band and agency for good. Aside from Tao’s sudden trip to the U.S., the singer is reportedly selling his Maserati Granturismo as he allegedly prepares to return to China, fueling rumors that it may not be soon before Tao leaves the group.

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