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Mir Clarifies That MBLAQ's "Mirror" Is Not A Direct Diss Towards Lee Joon and Thunder

MBLAQ's new heartbreak song is causing a buzz among fans.

Jul 1, 2015 05:58 PM BST

MBLAQ's new song "Mirror" has caused a huge controversy relating to former members Lee Joon and Thunder's exit from the group. Some listeners have noted that the song may be a diss track directed at Lee Joon and Thunder, especially since MBLAQ admitted that they channeled their emotions from the breakup and into their new song.  

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The group said that while it's true that Lee Joon and Thunder's exit helped them build up their emotions for "Mirror", contrary to rumors it's not exactly an attack towards the former members. In the June 26 broadcast of "Quiz to Change The World", Mir clarified the misunderstanding, "The song was not intended for [dissing Lee Joon and Thunder] at all. The part of the song that says, 'Don't go around saying bad things about me/I don't need you,' [has been misunderstood]. A lot of people who hear this part think that it's a diss towards Lee Joon and Thunder. But these words are something you can also say to an ex-girlfriend."

In a different interview, Seungho explained that the song is subject to different translations depending on the listener's viewpoint. "We wanted to express [our thoughts] in a straightforward manner. We had a lot of good memories [together], and I don't want to destroy those," Seungho said.

It is somewhat evident that Lee Joon and Thunder's leave from MBLAQ left a huge mark on the group, which also led to rumors of an internal discord. However, it appears today that the former members and the current ones are supporting one another in their endeavors.

In the meantime, Lee Joon and Thunder are both focusing on their acting careers.

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