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Leeteuk Reveals Super Junior Is Planning to Release Special 10th Anniversary Album

Super Junior's Leeteuk opene up about the past 10 years since the group debuted and what he envisions for himself and Super Junior in the future.

May 31, 2015 02:21 PM BST
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(Photo : @star1)

In his latest interview with @star1 magazine, Super Junior's Leeteuk on the past 10 years since the group debuted and what he envisions for himself and Super Junior in the future.

Having held their ground together for 10 years is a huge feat for an idol group, particularly nowadays that younger, rookie groups are rising one after the other. "[10 years] is just a number. 10 years passed by so fast that I don't remember much of what happened during those times. Nevertheless, I still remember November 6, 2005 well and I still feel like a rookie. But then again, I think to myself that we've become the oldest idol group by age, and that always catches me by surprise. Even so, I still feel like a rookie every time I step on stage," the Super Junior leader mused.

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In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, Super Junior is planning something big and special. "We're planning to release a new album. Since it's our 10th year, the album will be even more meaningful for us," the singer said. "We decided that we should get together one more time before the other members enlist in the military. As to how and when we'll proceed with this, we haven't planned that yet. Yesung recently got discharged from the military, and we're in the process of selecting songs. If you have a good song, please contact us," Leeteuk added.

Leeteuk also shared his plans for his individual career, saying that although he's received a lot of casting offers, he's still feels pressured when he's acting. "Someone asked me what I think about starring in a web drama. At the moment I thought about doing it, I instantly lost my confidence," nevertheless Leeteuk kept his hopes high in terms of acting. "If the opportunity arises, I want to [act] one day. I don't necessarily have to do the lead part. I prefer taking things one step at a time. I'm looking at working on dramas or movies."

TagㆍLeeteukSuper Junior

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