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F(x) Member Victoria Refutes Contract Nullification Rumors, Says Thanks to SM

To reassure fans, Victoria herself touched on the contract nullficiation rumor by personally saying thank you to her agency.

Jun 10, 2015 03:06 PM BST

In the past few days f(x) leader Victoria was embroiled in a rumor claiming that she filed a contract termination case against SM Entertainment. This rumor put f(x) fans in state of crisis, particularly with Tao's issue with SM Entertainment still hanging in the balance. SM Entertainment had denied the rumors, calling them out as baseless. To reassure fans, Victoria herself touched on the matter by personally saying thank you to her agency.

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Victoria appeared on the June 9 broadcast of the TV special for her Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret". On the show, Victoria addressed the contract nullification rumor.

"I don't know where this rumor came from. All I'm thinking about [with regard to the rumor] is that I never, not once, thought about terminating my contract with SM Entertainment," the singer-actress said.

Victoria further expressed her gratitude towards the agency, saying, "[SM Entertainment] discovered me and nurtured me. Since I was a foreigner in Korea, everyone took really good care of me, and I'm very thankful towards the company."

The rumor also brought up Victoria's plan for a personal workshop in China, similar to that of Lay's. SM Entertainment has given a statement on this matter, saying that they will provide Victoria with all the necessary facilities to assist her in her activities in China.

"I've been preparing to set up my workshop, and I will assemble my staff together soon. [SM Entertainment] has always supported me in my activities in China. I'll be able to work in Korea and also attending to activities in China. I hope you will show me your support."

Ever since the Luhan, Kris, and now possibly Tao having disputes with the agency, many are showing concern for the Chinese artists in the agency. However, fans have shown admiration towards Victoria for her continuing trust in SM Entertainment and for never leaving f(x) despite whatever circumstance.  


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