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Super Junior Leader Leeteuk Writes Heartfelt Message to Fans

It's been a while now since Leeteuk enlisted on the military and left Super Junior temporarily. Recently, Leeteuk thanked fans for giving him the strength and support he needs as he complete his duties for the country.

Nov 28, 2013 01:46 PM GMT
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Super Junior's well-loved leader, Leeteuk, is currently away from the band and the fans as he is serving in the military. However, the singer didn't fail to give fans heartfelt message.

Leeteuk's letter was posted on Super Junior's official SMTOWN website. It read:

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"To 'E.L.F' whom I miss and worry about the most because I love them,

"Every difficult day, I read each of your letters one by one. They touch me and make me cry, but they give me enough strength to carry on without the thought of giving up. For this, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all. It feels like it's been a really long time since I greeted you guys a year ago!

"I marked the calendar with an "X" for eight remaining months of my service in the army so I am truly looking forward to the fun time when I'll be meeting you guys again with a bright smile.

"I missed the eighth year anniversary, but I know it was a good and happy day. Nevertheless, I felt very sad that I wasn't able to celebrate that special day with the people I love.

"I want to tell the fans, who gave us unconditional and never-faltering love, 'I will always give you my thanks and love.'

"July 29, 2014 is coming up! Before I fall asleep at night I always imagine what would happen on that day. Prepare for the best party for our ninth anniversary next year! Thanks again for giving me all the support that I need to keep living and enduring. I will pray that from now on we will all live beautifully together forever and ever. I sincerely love you all."

On the back part, Leeteuk wrote an additional note saying:

"PS: Congratulations on turning 8 years old, Super Junior! Eight years old is the age when we go to school. Everyone's getting old!"

With such sentimental letter, fans are sure going to miss Leeteuk even more, but at the same time glad to hear his voice (sort of) on paper. 

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