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Hyolyn Expresses Her Frustration About How Her Admittance To Plastic Surgery Gets Edited Out On Shows

Hyolyn recently guest starred on Radio Star where she complained about how her plastic surgery experience gets edited out on broadcasts.

Dec 5, 2013 06:23 AM GMT

Korea's Beyoncé, Hyolyn, recently complained about how her admittance to getting plastic surgery got edited out from broadcast.

During the December 4 episode of "Radio Star" she expressed, "Last time I talked about plastic surgery, the only thing that got broadcast was when I said 'I went to the plastic surgeon, and they told me that if I wanted to fix one spot, I had to fix 10 other areas.' I said this many times before in other shows. But really, I got double eyelid surgery."

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Hyolyn continued, "I only got double-eyelid surgery done, but every time I would say it, it ended up not appearing on the final broadcast. However, 'Radio Star' aired the part where I said I went to see a plastic surgery. After that was broadcast, people became confused and they would say, 'Hyorin used to say she didn't get plastic surgery, but now she's admitting to it because of her photos.' I got so frustrated by it, I thought my heart would explode. I explained it on other shows before, but this 'Radio Star' aired it first."

In the meantime, Hyolyn is actively doing promotions for her first solo album "Love And Hate" and currently in production for her upcoming music video "One Way Love".


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