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Japanese Report Says KARA's Jiyoung Decided To Study Abroad Due To Relationship With Supernova's Park Geon Il

A Japanese news report says KARA's Kang Jiyoung opted out of KARA to study abroad after being influenced by alleged boyfriend, Supernova member Park Geon Il.

Jan 20, 2014 10:30 AM GMT
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Park Geon Il, Park Jiyoung

In line with the recent developments regarding Kang Jiyoung's decision to leave KARA, a Japanese news report is now suggesting that the singer is currently dating Supernova member Park Geon Il who supposedly influenced Jiyoung to study overseas.

The report said, "Kang Jiyoung's scandal with Supernova member Park Geon Il surfaced in October." Both starred in TV Tokyo's drama series "Rainbow Rose". Park Geon Il also played Jiyoung's onscreen boyfriend on her solo music video "Wanna Do".

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Entertainment insiders that Jiyoung's desire to study abroad stemmed from the fact that Park Geon Il was born in Germany and had studied in England. The two were also reportedly seen together in Supernova's and KARA's concert. In addition, Jiyoung has mentioned that she likes paper planes. Coincidentally, it was later found out by fans that Park Geon Il has a tattoo of a paper airplane on his shoulder.

According to the report, "Park Geon Il had said before, 'Even if there are rumours being said about the people I like, I will never hold any grudges.' The statement was said before he closed his Twitter account." Rumours suggest that the two started dating when Jiyoung expressed her desires for him.

DSP Media released a statement to clarify the issue, saying, "This is the first time we're hearing this and we haven't been able to confirm its truth. We still do not know much, so there is a need to verify the matter first."

Jiyoung currently has shown no interest of renewing her contract with DSP Media, which will expire in April this year. The agency has expressed that KARA will continue to promote as a three-member group with Seungyeon, Gyuri, and Hara.

TagㆍPark Geon IlSupernovaKang JiyoungKARA

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