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AOA and Dal Shabet Edit Their Dance Routines After Hearing Comments About Being Provocative

AOA and Dal Shabet tone down their sexy dance choreography after getting comments for being provocative.

Jan 22, 2014 11:26 AM GMT
TAGㆍAoADal Shabet
AOA and Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet's and AOA's returned with a sexier concept this year. However, the two girl groups have decided to modify their dance routines and tone down the sexiness a bit. The decision came after the groups received feedback from networks and fans.

FNC Entertainment, AOA's agency, said on January 22, "AOA will be changing some parts of their choreography from its sexy comeback performance for "Miniskirt" to make it more fitting for broadcasted performances. After the group encountered some challenges with presenting a highly difficult routine, AOA will be changing its routine into a more 'innocent sexy' version. The group has taken into consideration the opinion of fans so that their next performances will appeal with a new charm."

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The same goes for Dal Shabet and their choreography for "B.B.B". After hearing feedback saying their routine is too provocative, the group decided to change it up.

Dal Shabet showcased the edited choreography of "B.B.B." in MBC's "Music Core" in January 18.

Happy Face Entertainment said the members have edited their dance after receiving comments about it being too provocative. By toning it down a bit, Dal Shabet hope to appeal to their fans in healthier ways."

TagㆍAoADal Shabet

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