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C-JeS Entertainment on Jaejoong's Bashers: "They have Crossed the Line"

The home of JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment have issued statement against war on netizens who have left malicious comments of Jaejoong's Twitter

Feb 3, 2014 11:47 PM GMT
TAGㆍJYJJaejoongC-JeS Entertainment
(Photo : TV Daily)

JYJ's agency C-JeS Entertainment has slammed several netizens who have made exceedingly harmful comments on member Jaejoong's social media account.

On February 3, C-JeS had told the cyber investigation unit at the Gangnam police station to ask to investigate several netizens who have left upsetting comments on Jaejoong's Twitter account.

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The C-JeS sources told Star News, "Since Twitter's headquarters are located in America, we expect there to be a slight time delay but we will follow investigation protocols and take strong legal action against these commenters."

C-JeS also have announced their intentions to sue the netizens for slander and defamation for saying false rumours about Jaejoong and his family.

The source then added, "Please consider the psychological pain that the family members are receiving due to these harmful comments. These negative comments have crossed the line. It has become too big of a scar for a public figure to handle. Of course there are damages to his image as well. We think these comments have crossed the line of being free speech as an anti-fan and that it can be considered as a crime."

And also stated, "We hope the negative commenters will learn that their irresponsible words can be a huge crime."

C-JeS also stated a message through their Facebook, mentioning six netizens on Twitter because of their damaging comments. The agency has also posted screen captions of these netizens' tweets, which includes one netizen who had nonstop tweeted hashtags with "Kim Jaejoong and his older sister commit incest" and another one who tweeted hashtags that said, "Kim Jaejoong is a complete pervert."

TagㆍJYJJaejoongC-JeS Entertainment

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