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Sunmi Changes "Full Moon" Choreography For Music Shows

Sunmi will appear on music shows with a modified version of her sexy "Full Moon" dance routine.

Feb 19, 2014 01:14 PM GMT
TAGㆍSunmiJYP Entertainment
(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

Like everyone K-Pop act that sported a sexy concept, former Wonder Girls' member Sunmi made a lot of modification to her "Full Moon" dance routine to make it more appropriate for music shows and national broadcast. A particular dance step that raised concerns is the one where she sits on the sofa and spreads her legs.

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A broadcasting representative said, "Beginning with her [first appearance on a music show this 20th], she will be greeting everyone with a modified choreograph that will not contain provocative movements. The level [of sexiness] needed to be adjusted for broadcasts."

JYP also commented on the matter, saying, "We didn't change it hastily. Rather, we had already prepared a different choreography from the music video to be performed on broadcasts."

TagㆍSunmiJYP Entertainment

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