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Gossipmonger that Made False Marriage Accusations on IU Caught!

The man that fabricated the IU and Eunhyuk controversy is now caught by authorities. The person responsibile for the spread of the rumours regarding IU and Super Junior's has now been brought to authorities.

Sep 24, 2013 07:21 AM BST
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The person responsibile for the spread of the rumours regarding IU and Super Junior's has now been brought to authorities.

Earlier this year, rumors of IU's marriage to Eunhyuk spread like wildfire throughout the internet.

The two idols were caught in such controversy following a Twitter incident wherein IU accidentally uploaded a photo of her and a shirtless Eunhyuk.

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Immediately after the rumours have spread, IU's agency, LOEN Entertainment made a statement in the singer's defence saying that the marriage and pregnancy accusations are false and ridiculous, and they will be pursuing legal action against the perpetrator. 

The agency filed a case at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office in May to shut down any more discussion or false accusations against the "Good Day" singer.

IU, on her behalf, was deeply apologetic to Eunhyuk and the fans who were affected by the incident. On the SBS Program "Incarnation", IU expresses her apologies and laments that she blames no one but herself for this mix-up. The conterversy took a toll on IU's career, saying she had to postpone appearances on variety shows because of it.

Finally on September 23, months after the scandal swirled over the internet, LOEN Entertainment Producer Cho Young Chul announced on Twitter that the perpetrator has been caught. 

In his official statement, he says, "The perpetrator who spread IU's wedding rumors and other false accusations has been caught and confessed to his crime. He is also being investigated for his malicious hate comments. From now on, the malicious hate comments or any kind of defamation of character of our artists will be firmly dealt with."

The suspect has yet been introduced to the public, but it is certain that all legal actions will be implemented to resolve the case. 

As for IU, and everyone else that is active on social networking sites, let this controversy be a lesson to learn from. There are a lot of prying eyes on the internet. And no matter how pure our interests are, there will be people that will misunderstanding things and retort with false accusations that are nothing but damaging.

TagㆍIUEunhyukLOEN Entertainment

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