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2NE1's "Crush" Receives Overwhelming Responses From Listners

Fans and critics who attended 2NE1's private listening party are raving about "Crush".

Feb 26, 2014 07:19 AM GMT

Fans and music critics who were present at 2NE1's private listening party for "CRUSH" are all raving about the group's new album!

At midnight on February 16, 2NE1 had a private listening party. 21 fans and critics were specially invited to the party, becoming the first people to have listened to 2NE1's new music.

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One of 2NE1's double title tracks, "Come Back Home", is already receiving a lot of positive reviews from critics for its unique vibe and genre. According to Kang Myung Seok of the web magazine "Ize", "Instead of having just one genre, 'Come Back Hoe' is a mix of reggae, dubstep, and hip-hop. The song's strongest asset is its hip hop roots."

Hong Seok Woo of "Spectrum" commented, "You can feel the climactic effect of the song through its beat and rhythm. It has a catchy melody which fans can easily sing along to. Teddy, PK, and DP's awesome teamwork is evident in the track. It'll be a song that will revamp 2NE1's identity."

Blackjack and official 2NE1 fan club member Han Hyun Jin has nothing but praises for his idols. "['Come Back Home'] is a dance pop track where the beat and melody will be soothing to the ears. I think this song will appeal to fans and the general public for years to come."

CL's original compositions also received overwhelming responses from listeners. "Crush", "Hope to Live", and "Baby I Miss You" were described as "unique song(s) that has so much emotion" and tracks with "interesting vocal tones".

Overall, listeners said that "Crush" greatly emphasizes 2NE1's unique identity as well as letting people know that the group can still put so much more on the table.

Congratulations, 2NE1!


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