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Lee Jong Suk Issues Apology Regarding Airport Incident

Lee Jong Suk was recently involved in a controversy after he allegedly ignore a fan at the airport. Now Lee Jong Suk apologises and explains his side.

Mar 28, 2014 12:32 PM GMT
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Lee Jong Suk
(Photo : KpopStarz)

Actor Lee Jong Suk is currently embroiled in a controversy after he allegedly snubbed a fan at the airport who was trying to hand him a gift. Due to his actions, the Lee Jong Suk garnered a lot of negative comments

In the midst of the controversy, Lee Jong Suk came out with an apology and an explanation for his actions, saying that there was a sort of misunderstanding on his part.

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Lee Jong Suk posted a letter on his fan café on March 28, which read, "With my schedule finished, I was able to finally get a grasp of the situation. First off, I am very very sorry and I apologize for shocking you... I feel like my words and actions up until now have become contradictions so I am very sad and I am scared that my future actions will appear as lies in your eyes."

"Whatever the case, although I have no right to try to explain myself as it is completely my fault, I thought that I should at least explain to my fans... First off, since I am the main product of the agency, I am normally excessively guarded and protected and that has concerned me a lot as well. And while adjusting my recent Hong Kong schedule, there was a bit of trouble."

"I didn't see the fan [who was trying to give me a present] so when someone pulled my arm, I thought that it was of course my manager and pulled my arm away, but it was a fan. There were a lot of reporters there too so I also got flustered and couldn't hide my expressions. It seemed like the fan was one I hadn't met before so I am very very sorry and it's all my fault. I will do better in the future.”

You can view the video of the incident here:

TagㆍLee Jong Suk

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