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NS Yoon-G Talks About Her Plastic Surgery and Updates Fans on Her cousin, KARA's Jiyoung

The sexy singer updates fans on her cousin Jiyoung In line with her comeback, NS Yoon-G opens up to het plastic surgery and her cousin, KARA's Jiyoung.

Apr 1, 2014 09:35 PM BST
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NS Yoon-G
(Photo : Arena Homme Plus)

In line with her comeback, NS Yoon-G opens up to het plastic surgery and her cousin, KARA's Jiyoung.

NS Yoon-G explained her reasons for getting surgery in a recent interview with Newsen, "If I say that I didn't get plastic surgery, that would be a lie. I've gotten plastic surgery before. Since I am a person whose job is to be on stage and onscreen to a lot of people, I thought about how I could become prettier and it was a decision I made after thinking about it a lot. Early into my debut, I only got surgery done on the parts that I think really needed it. It was also a situation in which I didn't really have much of a choice too. After that, I've only been receiving maintenance."

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While during her conversation with Star News, the singer also made updates on the fans of her cousin Jiyoung whose contract with DSP Media and KARA is set to expire this month. She stated, "Jiyoung is currently resting and doing well... Her contract with her agency has not expired yet so she is in Korea... I don't think she currently has any thoughts of pursing being a singer... She wants to live a normal life. As someone who has been singing since a young age, I can understand where she's coming from."

"Jiyoung has a lot of interest in studying English... Since she is a dongseng who has walked her own path really well since she was young, I think she will make a good decision. As much as this is her choice, I advised her to make a choice that she can bear with even if there is regret."

Returning to "Yasisi", the singer also left a message for her fans as she stated, "In some aspects, it's been a really long time since I've debuted. Compared to those who debuted around the same time as me, I'm advancing slowly taking small steps at a time. For that, I'm sorry to my fans. Although not being able to achieve the success that other singers have is something I also regret myself, I hope that fans know that I'm still striving forward diligently... Although you may think my steps are slow, I'm running hard to return fans' love. I will return your love with an even better image, so please continue to cheer me on by my side. I won't get tired, so I hope you won't get tired either."

Tagㆍns yoon g

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