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Lee Min Ho Attends 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment Conference

Lee Min Ho talks about strategies to improve the spread of Hallyu Wave at an official meeting attended by President Park Geun Hye and other high officials.

Apr 5, 2014 12:10 PM BST
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Lee Min Ho
(Photo : StarN)

Top actor Lee Min Ho recently participated in the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment Conference on April 4, where spoke about the topic titled "Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave".

The conference was attended by the chairman and members of Presidential Committee for Culturarl Enrichment, as well as President Park Geun Hye himself. Lee Min Ho was the only entertainer invited to the official meeting, wherein he made suggestions on bettering the future direction of the Korean Wave.

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In his speech, Lee Min Ho said, "I am very thankful for the love and support my fans in Korea and overseas have shown me. I am also proud of the achievements that Korean Wave has made throughout the globe."

He added, "I hope environmental developments would take place to allow artists to produce better Korean content. The industries involved in the Korean Wave should focus on communication and making our culture known all over the world instead of just being concerned about making money."

Lee Min Ho continued, "Korean Wave is spreading further and further throughout the world, but copyrights and portrait rights protection should be improved," perhaps pertaining the rampant unauthorized use of contents by Korean artists such as photographs used in commercial ads.

A participant of the conference said that President Park Geun Hye said, "I believe that many people are still not familiar about Korean society and culture, so they might not be aware about the illegality of portrait or copyrights violation."

One of the official organizers of the event said, "Korean Wave began in Japan with the drama "Winter Sonata", and has now spread to the Greater China Region. It continues to expand endlessly. We decided to invite Lee Min Ho since we saw him as the pioneer of the spread of Korean Wave. He carries both a representative and symbolic image in the entertainment industry."

A representative from Lee Min Ho's agency said, "President Park emphasized on cultural enrichment during her [presidential] inaugural speech last year. And as an individual who is in the entertainment business, I believe that further spread of Korea Wave will not only rake in huge profits to help boost Korea economy, but it was also bolster the value of Korea's image."

In the meantime, Lee Min Ho will continue filming his upcoming move, "Gangnam Blues".

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