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Doojoon Shocks Everyone By Revealing Junhyung Kissed Him On The Lips

On "Burning The BEAST", Doojoon revealed that Junhyung kissed him on the lips while drunk.

Apr 12, 2014 09:05 AM BST
(Photo : MBC Every1)

The guys of BEAST showed their confidence, wit, and charm in the premiere episode of their new reality show "Showtime - Burning The Beast", which aired on April 10.

On the episode, the boys revealed some secrets that haven't been known by the public ever since. Dongwoon shared a story of him and Junhyung that shocked even the other members.

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Dongwoon said, "Once, when Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left." The other members found it unbelievable and confirmed, "On the lips?" which Dongwoon affirmed.

Junhyung asked casually, "Is that a bad thing?"

Kikwang, curious, asked, "Did he do it like this?" his head turning as if to pretend he was kissing someone. Doojoon commented, "Why are you turning your head?" Doojoon later explained that it was just a peck.

Junhyung was all cool with the revelation, and added, "Everyone does it like that in America." However, Yoseob commented, "But you're from Eungam-dong."

Doojoon seemed rather excited with the situation, so Junhyung asked, "Are you angry at me because you want [another one] from me, too?" making the group laugh.

BEAST currently stars in their new reality show "Showtime - Burning The BEAST" in the midst of preparations for their much-awaited comeback this May.


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