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Akdong Musician Revealed to Have Been Under a Strict Diet Before Debut

Akdong Musician, particularly Lee Soo Hyun, struggled with their strict diet and exercise plan prior to debut.

Apr 21, 2014 01:19 PM BST
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Akdong Musician
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

Akdong Musician are making huge waves in the music scene with their debut album “Play”. The sibling duo pitched in a lot of effort to prepare for their debut, and it didn’t only involve putting hours and hours of work on their music but also sticking to a strict diet plan.

Lee Soo Hyun noticed how people’s perspective about her changed when she became a celebrity. She heard several comments including one which suggested that her nose was cute but she needed to lose drop some pounds. It was said that an expert in the beauty pageant industry approached Lee Soo Hyun’s mother after the sibling duo won “K-Pop Star 2”. The beauty pageant expert said that she should make Lee Soo Hyun look like a model on stage, like Jang Yoon Joo.

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Due to the concern for imaging, Akdong Musician went through a strict exercise and diet routine prepared by YG Entertainment. If Lee Soo Hyun strayed from her routine, her older brother, Lee Chan Hyuk, would nag her into fixing her habit. Dieting got hard for Lee Soo Hyun because she craved chive bibimbap every day for lunch. When she wanted to eat something outside of their food plan, Lee Soo Hyun had to take a picture of the food, sent it to her diet coach, and ask permission. Although Lee Soo Hyun was allowed to ear chicken breast for dinner, what she wanted to eat the most was fried chicken.

What do you think of Lee Soo Hyun’s current figure?

Tagㆍakdong musician

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