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15& Talk About School, Their Social Lives, and Working As A Duo

Get to know more about the girls of 15& as they discuss more personal aspects of their lives. On the April 29 broadcast of SBS radio program 'Kim Chan Ryul's Old School,' 15&discussed their school and social lives.

May 1, 2014 04:35 AM BST
(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

On the April 29 broadcast of SBS radio program 'Kim Chan Ryul's Old School,' 15&discussed their school and social lives.

JYP Entertainment’s girl duo, 15&, guest starred on the April 29 broadcast of SBS radio program “Kim Chan Ryul’s Old School”. On the show the girls talked about school, their social lives, and what it’s like for Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin to be working with each other.

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Park Ji Min shared, “At school, my friends ask, 'Don't you need to maintain your image?' They tell me to maintain my image. I wanted to have a bit of a friendly school life, so I approached people, but at first they would ask me, 'Is it okay for you to be like this?'"

Baek Ye Rin also talked about her experiences in school and her accompanying social status, saying, "I've always been a bit closed off to strangers, so I'd put on my iPhone headphones, act chic, lie down, or even sleep at first. But now, I got a lot more comfortable with the other kids, so I fool around and even ruin my image."

Park Ji Min however, now has different reactions from people. She shared, "In the past, friends would greet me welcomingly with, 'Hey! Hey! Ji Min!' but now they don't really give a response.”

Baek Ye Rin and Park Ji Min signed under JYP Entertainment to form 15& in 2012. Park Ji Min signed with JYP Entertainment after nabbing first place on “K-pop Star”. Baek Ye Rin, on the other hand, had been a trainee under JYP Entertainment for a longer period of time. She joined the agency four years ago, having been accepted around the same time as 2PM’s Wooyoung and BEAST’s Doojoon. Despite this difference, both girls showed confidence about working together.

Park Ji Min said, "I'm a lot less nervous on stage because there are two of us. We even encourage each other by exchanging glances. I still get very nervous for live broadcasts, but I get a bit less nervous when I go up on stage."

Baek Ye Rin commented, "It's different for each stage, but I'm much less nervous on big stages. I think I'm more nervous on small stages because the fans are closer."

15& made their comeback last month with “Can’t Hide It”.


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