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Simon D Says He Wanted to Date "Stellar" Members, Clears Up Past Issue With Swings

Simon D blushes after seeing Stellar's performance of "Marionette", and talks about his issue with Swing.

May 7, 2014 06:50 AM BST
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(Photo : Mnet)

On the May 6 broadcast of Mnet's "Foul Interview 4 Things Show", rapper Simon D shared his thoughts on girl group Stellar. The "Marionette" singers were present on the show as they brought drinks to support the basketball match among members of the AOMG family. At the event, Stellar performed their controversial, sexy track "Marionette".

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During Stellar's performance, Simon D lit up with a huge smile. "My heart was just fluttering right now," he said.

In a later interview with the production team, Simon D expressed, "Stellar danced 'Marionette' in front of us and I was unable to hide my expression.  I really liked it.  It made me think, 'I want to date these girls.'  You know, something like, 'I want to be in a relationship.'"

Simon D also delved in the topic about last year's "diss battle" the shook the Korea hip hop atmosphere. In particular, Simon D talked about his feud with Swings.

When asked about why he has a certain expression when Swings is being mentioned, Simon D explained, "That's because there are still some sensitive parts.  During the diss battle, we were extreme to the max..I was extreme and Swings was rough... What I want to say, first of all, is that I think I was the target of the diss because I must have been lacking as a hyung to Swings.  I understand that.  Now, a year has passed since the diss battle, and I have no ill feelings."

He added, "Swings works on music a lot with our company's Jay Park and Gray.  If I had ill feelings toward Swings, I would've told him to not do this [work together with Jay Park and Gray], but I didn't.  I thought that if Swings and I were to talk a lot later on, it would be good."

TagㆍSimon DStellarswings

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