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Akdong Musician Opens Up About Being In YG Entertainment

Akdong Musician shares their feelings on being in YG Entertainment and which artist they've grown close to.

May 13, 2014 07:55 AM BST
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Akdong Musician
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

Rookie duo Akdong Musician recently caught up with news outlet Ilgan Sports and talked about how their lives completely changed after they signed with YG Entertainment.

When asked, "You replaced middle and high school with qualification exams.  Are you sad that you'll be interacting less with your peers?"  Akdong Musician brother Lee Chan Hyuk jokingly replied , "That's why I wanted to go to school.  Because I wanted to hang out with friends more than study." His sister, Lee Soo Hyun, answered, "I didn't have the time to make friends because we were going back and forth between Mongolia and Korea during elementary and middle school.  Still, I have an oppa who is like a friend, so that's nice and a relief."

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Later on, the siblings were asked about their feelings once they entered YG Entertainment and if they had any difficulty with living with rules. Lee Chan Hyuk shared, "Honestly, I thought, 'If I sign on with YG, I probably won't have much freedom.'  However, I felt very free when I actually entered.  In addition, they let the artists be very comfortable by having the manager do all the cumbersome work and more."

Soo Hyun added, "Before joining YG, I heard, 'CEO Yang Hyun Suk is very strict on his artists,' but he's just as affectionate as when he was a judge on 'K-Pop Star.'  He's like a father."

Lee Soo Hyun also shared which YG Entertainment artist she got really close with. "Lee Hi treats me well like a friend.  She's the same age as my older brother, but she is close to the both of us like a friend.  In the past, Big Bang's G-Dragon talked to us while patting our heads. At that moment, my whole body was rigid.  To me, they seem more like big stars rather than an agency family," Soo Hyun said.

Don't worry Soo Hyun, you'll get close to everyone really soon!

Tagㆍakdong musicianLee HiYG Entertainment

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