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Taeyeon Calls Sunny To Check Up On Her On MBC's "FM Date"

Taeyeon checks on Sunny on MBC's "FM Date". Sunny says she feels blessed on her new job.

May 13, 2014 07:57 AM BST
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(Photo : MBC FM)

Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon surprised Sunny and listeners when she called during the May 12 broadcast of Sunny's new radio program, "FM Date". The kid leader called Sunny to check up on how she was doing.

Taeyeon said, "This is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, who lives with Sunny.  I was listening through a mini-player."  Sunny answered, "I honestly did not know Taeyeon would call me, so I'm caught off guard.  I've just been bombed with my third mental breakdown."

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Taeyeon continued to play along, saying, "I was checking how many times you made a mistake. Let's try to talk about this problem when you come home."  In addition, Taeyeon commented on how Sunny's voice sounds like on broadcast. Taeyeon  said, "Your voice is gentler and nicer than at home.  She's doing very well.  I feel very comfortable listening to her.  I would like Sunny's cheerful and bright voice to act like a vitamin."

Prior to Taeyeon calling Sunny, Sunny already revealed, "To tell the truth, Taeyeon is listening right now. Taeyeon told me she was going to wait for this time.  Thanks."

Sunny is the newly installed member on MBC's radio program "FM Date" and she had her first broadcast as a DJ on May 12. On her first day on the job, Sunny expressed, "I am truly blessed.  I am a happy person who has a lot to be grateful for. Currently, my family of course, Girls' Generation members, and my work colleagues like SHINee's Minho and 2PM's Taecyeon sent me pictures of proof that they were listening. They congratulated me on my first broadcast.  I am really grateful, so thank you."

Furthermore, Sunny said, "Sharing your everyday life with other people is both exciting and something to be careful about."

Congratulations on your new gig as an MBC FM DJ, Sunny! Keep up the good work!

TagㆍTaeyeonSunnyGirls Generation

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