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Dal Shabet's Subin Transferred to Seoul Hospital For Further Treatment For Injuries

Following her car accident yesterday, Dal Shabet's Subin has been transferred to a hospital in Seoul to receive further treatment and examination for her injuries.

May 25, 2014 03:35 AM BST
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(Photo : Happy Face Entertainment)

Following her recent car accident, Dal Shabet member Subin was transferred to a hospital in Seoul to receive further treatment and examination for her injuries.

A representative from Happy Face Entertainment told Osen on May 24, "She was moved to a hospital this afternoon. She's awaiting a more detailed examination. Her right ankle needs to be more thoroughly examined. The examination is scheduled for the 26th."

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In a previous statement, Happy Face Entertainment CEO Lee Joo Won said, "Currently, Subin and the manager's healths are of the foremost importance; therefore, Subin's scheduled activities are all cancelled for now so she can focus on treatment."

Dal Shabet has been reported to have been injured in a car accident in the afternoon of May 23.

A broadcast network insider informed TV Report, "The car Subin was traveling in from Pusan to Seoul after wrapping up something in her schedule overturned. Along with Subin, the staff in the vehicle was also injured." 

The report revealed that Subin was on her way back to Seoul after completing filming for MBC Every1's "Nine to Six 2". The accident occurred when Subin and her staff were already in Ulsan. 

The insider continud, "They hurriedly went to the emergency room. Because Subin is injured, it seems she'll be ceasing her activities as of now to heal. After hearing the news, the label's staff went to the hospital and site of the accident."

In a latter report, it was revealed that Subin's injuries were more serious than expected. In an interview with Star News, the CEO of Happy Face Entertainment, Lee Joo Won, shared additional information on her situation. 

CEO Lee Joo Won said, "I had a phone conversation right now with Subin, who has been admitted to a hospital in Ulsan.  Subin told me, 'I injured my hip and leg, but the results of the X-ray I took a little while ago show no fractures.'  We thought, at first, that she suffered fractures. Luckily, her bones are not fractured, but Subin cried because she was very shocked by this accident and is concerned about the fact that the manager, who drove the vehicle, suffered injuries on the collarbone, shoulder, and more."

Get well soon Subin and staff!

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