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Rain Attends Court Hearing For Defamation Case Against Former Tenant

Rain recently attended a court hearing for defamation against one of the former tenants in his Cheongdamdong building.

May 30, 2014 07:13 PM BST
(Photo : Cube DC)

Rain recently attended a court hearing for defamation against one of the former tenants in his Cheongdamdong building.

The tension between the two stemmed from previously filed lawsuits back in 2011. One Mr. Park filed a lawsuit against Rain for fraud and then later filed for damages for his expensive artwork that was ruined by a leak in wall in Rain's building. Since the court decided against Mr. Park and his claims on damages he has not stopped defaming Rain for the incident. With this, Rain filed a lawsuit on defamation against Mr. Park.

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 Rain, who was present at the event said, "I received continuous pain from severe defamation . . . I had the intention to forgive him, but he showed no indication of any self-reflection and is damaging my image even now.  I decided I could no longer condone this."

The sentence for Mr. Park will be finalized on July 4.

In recall, Rain faced lawsuit filed by a tenant in his building in Gangnam's Cheongdamdong area back in 2011.

According to a report by New1, Seoul Gangnam Police Department stated that on November 19 a tenant of Rain's Cheongdamdong building, who goes by the name of Mr. Park, filed a complaint against the star on grounds of fraud.

Mr. Park, who's a lifestyle designer working for Hong Kong socialite circles, stated, "Rain's side insists that the rental agreement and the lease for the Cheongdamdong building notified that 'Rain / Water may leak into the building,' but I have never heard of anything in relation to this content . . . As this information is not even written in the contracts, this can be considered a crime due to forgery of a private document and fraud."

He also mentioned, "At the time, I entered into the lease with Rain, but Rain insists that he personally has no connection to the lease . . . The security deposit and all payments have been deposited into the account under Rain's name."

Mr. Park entered into a rental agreement with Rain back in 2009 with security deposit of 100 million won and a month rent of 4 million won. However, he had ceased paying the rent since September 2010. For this, Rain sued Mr. Park on January 2011. In response to this, Mr. Park said in his defense that his expensive artwork was damage due to heavy leaks from a cracked wall in the building. Mr. Park said, "As Rain didn't repair the building, he is damaging the art." He later sued rain 200 million won in damages.

However, in 2011 the Seoul Central District Court ruled against Mr. Park's claim to damages, saying, "There is no direct causal relationship between Mr. Park's damages as caused by water leaks and the moisture from the rainy season and Rain's repair duties."


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