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Busker Busker Under Fire of Break-Up Rumours Again!

It seems that Busker Busker is in the verge of break-up rumours once more Rumours have been circulating once more that Busker Busker will be soon breaking up.

May 30, 2014 10:04 PM BST
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Busker Busker
(Photo : Cheongchun Music)

Rumours have been circulating once more that Busker Busker will be soon breaking up. A report from ISPlus gets the info of news regarding the group.

Following the news of Busker Busker member Jang Bum Joon had created his own company and talking about investment and distribution with CJ E&M, speculations of the group’s disbandment have rised once more as troubles regarding each of the members are revealed.

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December 2013 when Cheongchun Music, the management company handling Busket Busker, announced news about the wedding of Jang Bum Joon and plans for the members’ solo activities. In reality, this was the beginning of the continual doubts about the group’s status of disbanding.

However, Cheongchun Music stated that the rumors are not true at all.

A representative of Cheongchun Music stated, “The members’ relationship is extremely good. They are generally in good terms. Most bands have differences in music and worse, even fight. In that case, then the group’s relationship isn’t bad.”

However, there are opposing views. After Jang Bum Joon founded as independent company and contracted with CJ E&M officially, it was reported that the other two members of Busker Busker, Kim Hyung Tae and Brad Moore, had not much idea known about the contract between Jang Bum Joon and CJ E&M. And because Jang Bum Joon is not tied in a contract with Cheongchun Music, he can get an exclusive contract from other agencies.

An insider mentioned, “There’s a possibility that the relationship among the three is good, but it can also be that their relationship is bad. But the most important fact is that they are havimng musical differences now. In reality, you cannot imagine Busker Busker without Jang Bum Joon. If Jang Bum Joon gets to have an independent activity, there’s no doubt that it will go that way. It does seem like it’s going to be like that.”

TagㆍBusker Busker

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