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Taeyang Talks About Possibly Promoting At The Same Time As PSY

At his press conference, Taeyang said that he might feel burdened if PSY makes a comeback in Korea around the same time as him.

Jun 3, 2014 08:12 AM BST
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

Big Bang's Taeyang finally released his second full-length album "Rise", but prior to that the singer held a press conference during his private release party called "Rise Premiere". At the event, Taeyang debuted his music video for the title track "Eyes, Nose, Lips". He also answered some heated questions regarding his album and promotional activities.

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The singer opened up about the possibility that he may promoting around the same time as YG label mate PSY. Taeyang shared, "Right now, I've got other things to worry about, so I don't even know when Psy is coming out.  What I do know is that Psy will be releasing his music only in the United States.  If it turns out his music is released in Korea at the same time, I would feel burdened, but it's okay.  I believe that a lot of people will like [my music]."

On his music video, Taeyang commented, "It was one-take filming, so we filmed twice, once when the sun set and once when the sun rose . . . The video we first filmed is completed.  The woman in the picture in the MV is Min Hyo Rin.  Min Hyo Rin has a correlation to the MV for '1 AM,' which will be released soon." 

Taeyang also talked about his musical process and how he got into a conflict with Yang Hyun Suk during the album production. "Along the process of producing the album, I had many obsessions. I had the tendency to go deep into the sound and feel of my music. I continuously worried about it, but I later came to realize that the kind of music that can move people is the one that I convey with sincerity."

"That's why the album release was pushed back several times. Every time I got stuck with one color, the tendency is that I go with the same color for the entire album, so in that regard I had a conflict with President Yang Hyun Suk... However, I think it's because of those times that I was able to improve my music even more."

Moreover, Taeyang has scored an "all kill" status for "Eyes, Nose, Lips". Congratulations!


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