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T.O.P Talks About Selcas, "Tazza 2", and Big Bang's Upcoming Album

At his photo book exhibition, T.O.P answered questions relating to social media, his latest movie, and Big Bang's upcoming album.

Jun 4, 2014 05:59 PM BST
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(Photo : YG Entertainment)

At the recently held showcase for his photo book, Big Bang's T.O.P discussed about social media, his upcoming movie "Tazza: God's Hand", and Big Bang's upcoming comeback. The "From T.O.P Exhibition" was held at the Horim Art Center on June 4 and was held in celebration of the launch of T.O.P's album.

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T.O.P shared his thoughts about social media and the growing "selca" trend, "As my job often involves standing in front of a camera, I do not enjoy selcas. I always do take pictures of landscapes, but I personally tend to not take any selcas.  I have a tendency to personally not understand SNS.  During the time I could be doing SNS, I will instead be diligently doing my work."

T.O.P hasn't been in the spotlight lately as he is busy filming his latest movie project and doing other activities. As to what he's currently up to, T.O.P shared, "Recently, I wrapped up filming the movie 'Tazza: God's Hand' and am resting.  I'm not good at personally maintaining myself, only that I get an alcohol-tox (play on Botox) on my face.  My method is to eat and sleep well." 

T.O.P also tackled the inevitable topic about Big Bang's highly anticipated comeback with their new studio album. On this T.O.P commented, "Since I finished filming my movie, I am briefly taking a break.  Now, we will begin working and the Big Bang album will probably come out around the second half of the year.  We always have a time period as our goal, but it is never accurate.  From hereon, we will work diligently and release a good album."

Also at the event, T.O.P expressed his love for his Big Bang co-members, saying, "Because we've been together since we were younger, I feel as though we're family more than we have a work relationship. I think the members think of me as an older brother, and I treat them as my biological younger brothers too. We always support each other. When something negative happens to one of us, we go through it together, and I think I'd like [for us] to age together like that and have fun."

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TagㆍBig Bangt.o.p

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