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Interview of Busker Busker's Brad For 'Noisey' Makes Headlines

Brad revealed information about the real things that happen to contenders in Superstar K. Busker Busker has been always known to be making news for their music, however, this time they make headlines regarding member, Brad when he did and interview for 'noisey.

Oct 3, 2013 11:33 AM BST
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Busker Busker
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Busker Busker has been always known to be making news for their music, however, this time they make headlines regarding member, Brad when he did and interview for ''

During his interview, Brad revealed how he got into the Korean music scene and brought up issues that he experience while they joined on the show, Superstar K.

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First point was that Busker Busker's involvement in Superstar K was intentional: Brad divulges that "Superstar K had actually called up member Jang Bum Joon, who had been overruled in the preliminary round as a soloist in the previous seasons of the show, after receiving a message that he was forming a band.

Second was the routines aired on the show weren't actually completely live performances as they were "doctored in post-production." Brad stated, "The recording was so bad that Two Months had to go back in and re-record their vocals, because no one would've believed they passed with that performance," He added, "And the miking on these TV shows is crap, so the whole thing had to be super-produced. They had to Auto-Tune my drums, they had to Auto-Tune everything. So when they put it on television, it sounded like this really nice, professional track."

Third, that their dorm was stern and domineering. He went to Korea without knowing that his phone and wallet was going to be confiscated throughout their participation in the show. He also said that they had to go on a strict diet, mainly only eating salad and tofu.

Fourth is that all the money during the show went to CJ E&N/Mnet. Brad explained, "We were popular because we were on TV, but we couldn't legally make money. We were at 'amateur status' in the broadcasting contract. So, like, Coca-Cola comes in and we spend all day doing a Coca-Cola commercial, but they pay the company-not the artist. We were on the show for eight weeks straight, and we did commercials for eight weeks straight. We took home no money from that."

Fifth is that Ulala's Session win was scripted. He stated that the manager for the show told them that Ulala session was going to win. They have to say their thanks as well as Ulala Session has to say theirs.

Sixth is that their time away from the music scene was their decision because they wanted a break from being overworked. There were stories at the beginning that Busker Busker went on a pause after their first album release because they were having problems with CJ E&M, however, Brad reveals that CJ E&M had actually maintained the with the terms of the contract which was, the demands of the band included being able to write their own songs, play their own instruments, choose their production staff, record in Cheonan, and only bound to a 6-month contract. Though they had terms, CJ E&M made them work hard without getting any rest.

In line with this issue, a representative of CJ E&M came out with a statement, "It's unfortunate as it seems like this problem has risen because Brad's insufficient understanding about the broadcast system and Korean entertainment businesses...Chungchun Music, which is the band current label, also didn't realize that Brad would say something like this... Brad probably didn't intend for it to come out like this either. We're currently waiting for Chungchun Music's official statement. We will organize our official position after we've resolved the misunderstanding."

Regarding with the live performances, he said, Many music programs do a bit of touching up... Mnet and CJ E&M have never held back on their support for 'Superstar K' contestants... We're worried that because of this, it will tarnish the intention of the show which aims to discover new musicians."

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TagㆍBusker BuskerSuperstar K

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