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BEAST Members Reveal Which Member is Most Generous and Thrifty

The guys of B2ST recently appeared on the June 9 broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Hello" and talk about particular members' money habits.

Jun 10, 2014 11:40 AM BST
(Photo : KBS)

The guys of B2ST recently appeared on the June 9 broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Hello". On the show, the members talked about leader Doojoon and his generosity.

At one part of the show, the MC asked the show's previous winner if her had begun to spend less money. Upon hearing his, Yoseob commented, "He's similar to Doojoon.  That's why we call Doojoon the 'Angel of Giving.'  If something is trending, he buys it first, doesn't even use it for a full month, then gives it to us.  I've received a laptop."

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Junhyung chimed in and said that he received a T-shirt from and Dojoon. And Dongwoon added, "There was a time I received shoes worth around 1 million won (~ $1000 USD)."

As for Kikwang, he received an electric bicycle as a present from Doojoon. Lee Young Ja joked that maybe she should receive Doojoon's heart, which made everyone laugh.

Later on, the members revealed that Yoseob is the thriftiest guy in the group. On this, Yoseob asked why people thought he was cheap. The members explained that Yoseob is thrifty, not cheap, and Yoseob became embarrassed by his misunderstanding. He later commented that he was okay with being called frugal.

Junhyung explained, "If there's a computer or some other good product, the members go out and buy it together like it's a trend, but Yoseob says he doesn't need it, then falls for it all by himself." 

The MCs joked, "If you stay still (don't purchase the item), Doojoon will just give it to you, anyway."  Yoseob added, "If all the members already have the same product, I will definitely get it from them.  If I just wait, I can get it," making everybody laugh.

Meanwhile, the guys are all set for their upcoming comeback with the track "No More" which was composed by member Junhyung and Kim Tae Joo.


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