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Court Rules Against Plagiarism on PSY's "Gangnam Style"!

It was last year when a lawsuit has been filed against PSY as reports said that the hit song "Gangnam Style" is plagiarized!

Jun 13, 2014 10:39 PM BST
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

A composer named Mr. Lee, filed a lawsuit against Psy in January of last year, which claimed that the viral hit "Gangnam Style" to be a plagiarism of his own work, it seems that the court rules against him on June 13, 2014.

The composer, Mr. Lee, filed this lawsuit against PSY, or Mr. Park, which had demanded an amount of 100 million won (US$100,000) for the said use illegally of his original work. Though Mr. Lee's composition was a ballad and "Gangnam Style" was a dance song making both songs hold different vibes, the claims said that the melody for the "Beautiful, lovable" and "Hey sexy lady" sections were plagiarized.

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In line with this, the Seoul Central District Court stated, "There is a difference between the sound and beat of the two songs. There's no comparison regarding the claims that 'The simple composition of the chorus and the repeats in the music are similar' as well as the idea for the writing in the music. It is difficult to view the chords and harmonies as similar. You can view some overlap in part when it comes to the lyrics, but there are no substantive similarities."

Also, with regards to the lawsuit, PSY's side mentioned through interviews with the press, saying, "Since the composer is trying to make money using the song's popularity, we believe the best action is no action."

Mr. Lee then stated, "I've been dealing with defamation through media reports," and filed another lawsuit against PSYand YG Entertainment last.

But it seems that he also lost that one, "It is true that YG representative, Mr. Hwang, spoke with a portion of the media for interviews, but as they were just simple comments and he was not hostile regarding the truth, it is difficult to acknowledge he has responsibility for damage claims."


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