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New 13-Member Idol Group Topp Dogg to Make Debut this Month

Stardom Entertainment's Topp Dogg will finally step on stage for their official debut. Stardom Entertainment's newest boy group Topp Dogg will finally make their debut this October 24.

Oct 4, 2013 09:16 AM BST
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Stardom Entertainment's newest boy group Topp Dogg will finally make their debut this October 24.

Cho PD has announced earlier in September that they're grooming a new 13-member boy group for a big debut this season. According to Cho PD, "We've been preparing for Topp Dogg's debut for two years."

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The much-anticipated debut was revealed through Topp Dogg's recently created Facebook page. The announcement was made with a poster of the group and the date of debut.

Any attempt to identify the members of the group has failed since the introductory poster is very dark and hardly any of the members face can be seen clearly.

With this, fans are all the more curious and drawn in to this new hip-hop group which may even be pinned in comparison to SM Entertainment's 12-member idol group, EXO.

Regarding the members' talents and sound, Cho PD revealed that although their agency is hip hop oriented, Topp Dogg is an idol group that will showcase styles truly their own.

Topp Dogg has been said to have members that also have producing skills. "You can think of the members as a group of experts who can each raise the average value of the team. I put together a team who each have more than one weapon of talent to bring to the table," Cho PD explained.

Cho PD is confident that Topp Dogg can survive the grueling competition among idol groups these days.

Earlier this year, Stardom Entertainment released a few mixtape tracks to give the audience a sneak peek into Topp Dogg's fresh sound. Because of this, the group has already gained a following even before their debut.

Here are "Top" and "Bang", two of Topp Dogg's initially released tracks that feature their rapping and hip hop skills.

TagㆍTopp Dogg

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