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Tablo Talks About How PSY is in Making Songs!

Tablo teases PSY fans as he talk about how PSY makes his songs and what to expect from his upcoming tracks!

Jun 18, 2014 08:45 PM BST
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

On the broacast of MBC FM4U “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” last June 18, Epik High‘s Tablo revealed his thoughts on his fellow label mate and friend, PSY.

Tablo mentioned how PSY is when he makes songs.

“There were a number of versions for PSY’s ‘Gentleman,” Tablo started. “PSY is a perfectionist and he makes four to five versions for each song. The final version is the ‘Gentleman’ you’re listening to right now,” Tablo stated.

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He went on talking about PSY’s songs, moreover his comeback tracks “Hangover” and the soon to be released “Daddy.”

Tablo said, “People are torn whether they like the track or not but it has been receiving good comments from Billboard and other foreign press. PSY’s new song ‘Daddy’ was announced to be released while they were shooting ‘Hangover’ with Snoop Dogg. A lot of people were thinking ‘Daddy’ might be a remake of his older song ‘Father’ because he’s a married man and a father as well. I know the real reason behind that but I won’t tell you so you won’t lose the fun.”

Lastly, Tablo shared how PSY is as a person and as a friend.

“Although we cannot know what records PSY will set at Billboard in the future nor what side of himself he’ll be showing but because he’s an extraordinary man, it’s certain that his talent is something that people should anticipate. Among the people around me, he’s the most intelligent person who I think best fits the word ‘genius,’” Tablo stated.

“I feel that he’s a person who thinks about the person who listens and that’s when he speaks. He’s not the type to just talk but you can feel that he personally engages in a conversation to make his story heard. When you see how he’s continuously trying to give happiness and enjoyment to people through his music, there’s no reason not to anticipate his next move,” Tablo continued.

Meanwhile, PSY just released his comeback track, 'Hangover' last June 9 and will be following it up with ‘Daddy’ this coming summer.


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